A Cutesy Halloween: Take a Different Approach to Decorating with Plush & Play's Handcrafted Plush Toys

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Who says you only have to display frightening décor on Halloween? If you want to try something different this year, like choosing less creepy and more adorkable décor to enliven everyone's favorite night of fright, my partner brand Plush & Play may have the answers you’re looking for.




Photo courtesy of Plush & Play's Facebook page


Plush & Play is a Philippine-based social enterprise known for creating handcrafted plush toys for kids of all ages. Part of their fruits and vegetables collection is Mika Kalabasa, a handmade pumpkin plush toy you might want to set down at your doorstep or lawn come the evening of trick-or-treatin'. Unlike the ubiquitous jack-o’-lantern, this plush toy evidently has a kind face wearing an amicable smile. You might think that this version of the Halloween pumpkin is too “nice”, but if your objective is to veer from what’s common and take a different approach to decorating, Mika Kalabasa is that unique piece of the puzzle you must have.




If you are trying to diversify your monster décor this year by looking for not-so-terrifying options that can still do the trick nonetheless, try Lili and Kaka from Plush & Play’s Little Monsters collection. For monsters, their features are less grotesque than those of the classic go-to Halloween monsters we all love; the vivid color choices even give off a friendly monster persona for these characters. While Lili and Kaka may not be the first on your list when it comes to Halloween monster ideas, their appearance, reminiscent of an alien from outer space, is surely enough to tick the "odd enough" box in your selection criteria. Let's face it -- anything with a slight hint of weirdness is pretty much well-suited for this occasion.

It’s a given that people who take Halloween very seriously will go for the most frightening decorations (and costumes!), but you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. If you’re after something different with the ability to still deliver according to theme, these plush toys will definitely make for more flexible decorating, giving Halloween that distinctively adorkable kind of twist.

You can view this special Halloween collection HERE.

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