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Luna Bag made of water hyacinth

The Lily PH is a Philippines-based brand which creates handcrafted fashion items and even homewares made of dried water hyacinth. One product which happens to be a personal favorite of mine is the Luna handbag! While it may probably be a little bit underwhelming to those who love bright and vibrant patterns, its minimalist style is the exact reason why I fell in love with this piece! Besides that, I can name more reasons why this handbag is a must-have!


1. The size is just right.

Just right for carrying your essentials, that is. I wouldn’t want to bring a big tote with me while visiting the museum or watching a play at the theater. The Luna bag works great for carrying a few items like your mobile phone, credit card holder, keys and even your favorite lipstick.


2. It’s handwoven by local community weavers.

There’s something so beautiful about the fact that this bag is woven by skilled and determined hands! Not to mention, these hands have made a livelihood out of weaving this handbag which is always a wonderful thing. Anything handcrafted gets extra brownie points from me!


3. It’s made of water hyacinth.

Apart from being handwoven, as a sustainable fashion enthusiast, I’m very particular with the materials used in the bags I purchase. The Luna bag ticks all the right boxes as it is made of dried water hyacinth which, as I’ve previously mentioned, is considered an invasive and disruptive aquatic plant.


4. It can be used in formal and casual occasions.

Most of the time, native handwoven bags like the Luna is seen as an accessory best suited for the beach. Though this may be true, it can also be an apt choice of accessory for weddings, brunch with your buddies, dinner dates with your significant other, wine tasting weekends or random park strolls. Bottom line is, the Luna bag has this element of class and chic that can bring an interesting flare to a monochromatic or printed dress no matter what the occasion is.



View the Luna Bag HERE.

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