How to Use the Upcycled Sack Sling Bag in 4 Different Ways

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rolled up upcycled sack sling bags by saku

My partner brand Saku has come up with this sling bag made from an upcycled flour sack, and I’m loving the fact that you can use it in so many different ways! If you still don’t know who or what Saku is, read more about the brand and their worthy cause HERE.


1. Sack Sling Bag as a Casual Boho Bag

upcycled sack sling bag as a casual boho bag

I know what you’re thinking; this probably doesn’t look like a boho bag to you as it appears rather minimalist and basic. But hear me out! The fact that you can wear this sling by flinging it around your body can give off a rather cool hippie nomad vibe to your casual daily outfit (which totally works for me!). Plus, these slings come in different colors, so you can just simply mix-and-match whichever color you have with whatever outfit you’re wearing. Not all boho bags have to be round or square or have fringes, pompoms and tassels!


2. Sack Sling Bag as a Grocery Bag

upcycled sack sling bag as a grocery bag

Searching for an alternative to the ubiquitous reusable shopping bags you see everywhere? Consider using the sack sling for the same purpose. It will most likely work if you’re only grabbing a few things from the supermarket but it can definitely handle a bunch of smaller items since the bag itself is pretty roomy.


3. Sack Sling Bag as a Dog Carrier

upcycled sack sling bag as a dog carrier

You can also tuck your little pooch into the upcycled sack sling when running errands or taking a quick walk in the park. If you want to make it a more comfortable experience for your pup, you can first stuff the bag with a small pillow and a soft plush blanket around the base area to give the bag some form.


4. Sack Sling Bag as Baby Essentials/Diaper Bag

upcycled sack sling bag as a baby essentials or diaper bag

As a mom of a super active 20-month-old baby girl, I need a bag that can carry pretty much everything my baby needs when we go play at the park -- her snacks, water tumbler, bibs, a few changes of clothing, a couple of diapers, her favorite stuffed animal, etc. Aside from this, I need a bag that can remain swung around my body whilst I chasing after her! All these things considered, the sack sling definitely got the job done for me.

It is quite easy to find new ways to use a bag as versatile as the sack sling bag. It all comes down to two things mainly: purpose and creativity.


View my Saku collection HERE.

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