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Before Giving Week officially ends, I thought I’d post something more personal on the subject. This entry was inspired by Giving’s #MyGivingStory contest but I’m not submitting this officially. I personally find writing reflective pieces therapeutic (or maybe it’s just an excuse to write another verbose blog entry which I can’t help doing!) Don’t worry, I’ll (try to) keep it simple. :)

I’ve always thought that there’s some truth to the saying, “What goes around, comes around”.  I think I’ve mentioned somewhere in the About section of this website that I strongly believe in karma; the idea that people can attract either positive or negative karma depending on the actions they do has always resonated with me. Not many people share the same view, but I think it’s important to believe that goodness can attract positivity in your life as it can motivate you to be kinder and more generous to others. And that’s a pretty big deal. Being optimistic can affect one’s entire well-being and generally, I just want more positivity and less negativity in my life! Don’t we all?

Being a former teacher has taught me to live by what I now call my life principle: “Be kind”. It’s not always easy to do, but I’ve learned over the years that any act of kindness, no matter how big or small, will go a long way.  It is because of this that I feel it necessary to give back in whatever way I possibly can.

My reason for giving, I think, is also rooted in the things I deeply care about in life. Apart from family, friends and people who are important to me, I care about equality more than anything. I believe that all human beings are created equal regardless of skin color, gender, educational background, social status, and religious beliefs. We may have different experiences that have shaped our world view and who we are today, but I genuinely think our similarities outweigh our differences. We all have the ability to feel, dream, think, create, excel, fail, learn, etc. -- it’s not rocket science. Because of this, it’s easy for me to empathize with women, the LGBTQ community, indigenous people, refugees, children, the elderly, and any other person who feels helpless, oppressed and disadvantaged.

The environment is also something that I’ve learned to value more throughout the years. At the beginning, I was very “passive” about it; I cared about the environment but I neither expressed nor did something about it. It was a few years ago when I first encountered the word fracking, and  that was the turning point. Having read about how the fossil fuel industry has caused unimaginable damage to the planet triggered something in me, and I never looked back.

Having contemplated on this subject, I've realized that I can do more for the causes that matter to me -- and I want to! Starting Maiden Maya has been the first step, and it is my dream to take even bigger leaps to help people and the planet, hopefully sooner rather than later.



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