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Plush & Play seamstress

Gawad Kalinga is a Philippines-based movement that aims to eradicate poverty for 5 million families by 2024. One way to achieve this is through social entrepreneurship, and my partner brand Plush & Play is part of that plan. Watch this clip to learn more about this toy company and the seamstresses that bring their eco-plush toys to life.



Final Thoughts…

I’ve previously mentioned how social entrepreneurship can bring about significant change in society, and my partner brand Plush & Play is doing just that. By forging an alliance with the seamstresses that work for them, they are able to provide these women a sustainable livelihood after losing their jobs because garment factories in Bulacan, Philippines have either closed down or chosen to outsource services.

I genuinely believe that to empower women means to simply believe in them -- in what they can do. Some women in disadvantaged communities in the Philippines may not even be aware of their rights, so it’s important for people who can make them realize their worth to step up and reach out. Women from poor families may even just settle for the what they have. With proper guidance, they may learn to understand that their purpose in life doesn’t have to be limited to doing housework or taking care of their children. 

It seems that we’re in an era in which social entrepreneurship has slowly gained traction in the business sector; if it means doing business to help and empower the marginalized then by all means take advantage of it! Women like the seamstresses of Plush & Play may have once lost hope, having been laid off from their jobs. But this social enterprise took a chance on them. They lifted these women up by having faith in their abilities; now, they’ve flourished! They don’t even refer to their seamstresses as employees, rather, they consider them as their partners.

If we want to instigate change -- even the smallest tinge -- or at least be a part of it, actively engaging with the members of  underprivileged communities is a step in the right direction. 

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