The Goal

Maiden Maya is an online store whose objective is to showcase Philippine craftsmanship in the United States. All featured brands boast Filipino entrepreneurship geared towards a particular cause such as providing a sustainable income to underprivileged communities, empowering local craftsmen and women or simply caring for the environment. My goal is to help my partner brands spread their mission by extending the reach of their artistry beyond local borders. Purchasing the products featured on this site not only serves as an act of appreciation for skillfully made handicrafts; more important, it means shopping to support livelihood advancement for struggling Filipino communities, women empowerment and environmental preservation. With your help, I would like to maintain this store as a platform that distributes fashionable handmade items for a cause and, at the same time, elevates the status of Philippine-made goods in an international market. Part of the profit will be invested in obtaining more products from my partner brands -- thus strengthening my commitment to their mission -- and, hopefully, in developing new partnerships! 

Every product is a story told by consummate hands. Listen. Be part of that story.