Founder Bea Marquez came up with the idea for Elinora upon graduating from university; this eventually became a passion project of hers. Elinora is a portmanteau of her grandmothers’ names, Elizabeth and Leonora -- two influential female figures in her life. At the beginning, she focused on seagrass as the primary material used in creating her bags but since then she has delved into other types such as nito, straw and abaca. Most of her designs are seasonal, making them truly unique. All Elinora bags are sourced and handcrafted in different provinces in the Philippines. By doing so, the brand hopes to open more opportunities for Filipino weavers to profit from the skills they already possess. Elinora's local presence has been growing steadily, though they hope to break into the international scene with the intention of  positioning Filipino handicrafts at the forefront of artisanal craftsmanship worldwide. This in turn will help sustain the livelihood of their partner weavers who oftentimes struggle to support their families.



*The photos used in the slideshow above were grabbed from Elinora's social media pages.