Jacinto & Lirio (which translates to hyacinth and lily) is an eco- and socio-ethical Philippine brand that works to solve the water hyacinth infestation problem in some communities in the metro. Because of its ability to multiply profusely at a short amount of time, water hyacinths are prone to blocking the flow of water thus intensifying flooding -- an age-old problem that Filipinos experience especially during typhoon season.  Apart from this, the plentiful growth of water hyacinths tends to clog water systems, disrupt water flow in freshwater rivers and canals and increase the likelihood of disease due to mosquito breeding in water hyacinth habitats. As a brand, Jacinto & Lirio becomes a solution to this environmental problem by creating plant-based leather goods out of dried water hyacinths. This brand is also responding to poverty alleviation through advancing livelihood development in communities where water hyacinth infestation is prevalent.





*The photos used in the slideshow above were grabbed from Jacinto & Lirio's social media pages.