Plush & Play is a social enterprise founded by French entrepreneur Fabien Courteille. The brand's goal is to provide a sustainable livelihood to women -- mostly mothers -- living in Gawad Kalinga communities. Most of these women used to work for garment factories but because most of the factories are no longer in operation, these mothers were left unemployed. By prioritizing these mothers' sewing skills, this brand is able to produce hand-stitched plush toys and felt items that are both educational and ecofriendly. With the goal of shaping these communities into becoming responsible leaders and innovative artisans, the brand empowers these women by offering convenient working conditions and a flexible work-from-home schedule. Part of Plush & Play’s mission is to be the leading Filipino toy company that showcases safe and non-toxic goods for children.

*Gawad Kalinga is a Philippine-based movement that aims to eradicate poverty for 5 million families by restoring the dignity of the poor.


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*The photos used in the slideshow above were grabbed from Plush & Play's social media pages.