Based in Dumaguete City, Philippines, Lumago Designs is a social enterprise whose core foundation is anchored on three tenets: people, planet and promise. Lumago means "to blossom" in Tagalog and was established by American social worker Whitney Fleming. This brand believes that investing in women can help alleviate poverty. They also give back to a typhoon-devastated community by providing local craftswomen a sustainable livelihood. Lumago Designs also hopes to contribute to environmental preservation by offering products that are 100% ecofriendly; Filipino artisans create handmade jewelry made of upcycled materials such as paper, fabric from discarded clothes, soft leather from used purses and torn out magazine pages.

This brand is a cooperative between the Lumago women and owners Becky Stanbridge and Spencer Dempsey.



*The photos used in the slideshow above were grabbed from Lumago Design's official website and social media pages.